The Beatles

You know, I think my favorite Beatles song might actually be “Day Tripper.” At least today. It’s that guitar, man!

If you are a Beatles fan, you can chart your life in favorite Beatles songs, year by year. For example:

1993:  In My Life

As a little kid, my dad started crying listening to this song after his mother died. I never forgot that. This was also the time in my life when I read all those Beatles bios and tell-alls and shit.

1994: You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

This is where Lennon apes Dylan. At 14, just as I was just falling in love with Dylan, I started to really dig this song.

1995: A Day in the Life 

Tori Amos pointed out that it is the perfect marriage of McCartney and Lennon and since she was God(dess) at the time, I believed her.

1996: Eleanor Rigby

I had just started to wear black and hang out in cemetaries.

1997: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I developed a crush on George and decided his songs were actually the best ones. I also had a real life crush on a boy named Zach who was into Eastern Religion. I think that’s where this stemmed from. 

But I recant this now: Lennon/McCartney songs (the ones truly written together) are the best ones. Duh. It’s still a really pretty tune, though and without George’s Indian fetish, we would not have the Brian Jonestown Massacre, right? Yes, so this one, along with “Something,” certainly George’s best.

1998: Dear Prudence.

It was actually the Siouxsie and the Banshees cover that made me love this one. Again, still actively Goth at time.

1999: Tomorrow Never Knows

Experimentation phase.

2000: Polythene Pam

There was this awful girl in my senior class named Linda. She thought she was really hot (and so did a bunch of boys who played lacrosse and shared a single cigarette between like 8 dudes in the parking lot before practice); however, my friend and I realized that despite all the work she put into this “hotness,” she could do nothing about her mannish shoulders. She was built like a man. Hence we called her Polythene Pam: “she’s so good lookin but she looks like a man.”

2001: Drive My Car

As one of the only girls with a car on my floor in freshman year, I did a lot of driving people around. I totally sympathized with this song.

2002-2003: Julia 

I had just started to get really into Cat Power and Elliot Smith at the time. Consequently, “Julia” also came on a lot on my cd player during those late nights after the parties when I’d come home alone to my dorm and fall asleep to songs about loss.

2004: Rock & Roll Music (a cover)

This was the height of my love of garage rock (along with every other fuck who went to Lit on Thursday nights and Bar 13 on Sunday nights in NYC), so I guess it makes sense.  This works well at parties right after “Psychotic Reaction” by the Count Five 

2005:Helter Skelter

This was around the same time I decided Led Zep ain’t that awful.

2006: Across the Universe

“Nothing’s gonna change my world”…very soothing to listen to after a rough day at the office.


2 responses to “The Beatles

  1. 1988 – My family went to Disney and went on that weird aquarium ride in Epcot near the dancing fountains and my dad taught me the chorus to “Yellow Submarine”, thus begining my suspicions that my dad was an acid dropping hippy back in the day.

    1989 – My family still had only one television and I had to sit through my mom’s choice of Life Goes On. The only thing that made “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” tolerable was the chance to see Kellie Martin and those hotter than hot coke bottle glasses.

    1993 – My brother would blast “Strawberry Fields Forever” over and over again in his bedroom. I would retaliate with the theme from “Aladin”.

    1994 – The seventh grade band spent the whole year learning to play “Norwegian Wood”. The song creeped me out and I kept imagining trolls jumping out of bushes trying to sell me dead baby heads. I refused to practice and I was relagated to fourth seat trumpet, ending all future prospects of joining a ska band.

    1995 – My lazy years of staying home on Sunday afternoons to watch TBS reruns of “Can’t Buy Me Love” began. Why Amanda Peterson never became a huge star is still one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

    1997 – VH1 behind the music ruled my life and who wasn’t shocked to hear that “Hey Jude” was written because Lennon ditched his son for Yoko.

    2000 – On the infamous freshman year road trip, Deuce, Brandon, and I were stuck on an embankment listening to Sargent Pepper’s (the album) three times while we waited for the other car to meet us. We actually theorized what we’d be doing “When I’m sixty-four”.

    2001 – My love affair with Almost Famous started and “Penny Lane” was stuck in my head. It’s all happening…

    2003 – During London’s million man march to protest the war we blared “Revolution” out of the window of Gower Street and I wrote “Bush can kiss my” on my back. Every five minutes a new crowd would walk past and chear and i’m sure there’s more than a few pictures of my naked ass surfing around the net.

    2004 – While living on Maui I learned that Hawaiian music is actually just pop songs rerecorded with a ukulele and a somber/stoned singer. trust me, “Shout” did not translate well.

    2006 – I took singing classes at Berklee and the girl made the bold claim that anyone could sing “Blackbird” on key. Four classes later she admitted defeat and I decided my vocal genius did not need nurturing.

  2. “The seventh grade band spent the whole year learning to play ‘Norwegian Wood’. The song creeped me out and I kept imagining trolls jumping out of bushes trying to sell me dead baby heads.”

    Right now, I am having a nice time thinking of little Tom (who probably was actually quite not little being that you are so tall as an adult) sitting in his room thinking about evil trolls and trying to learn chords.

    Thanks for this! It’s a wonderful list, and utterly “Tom.”

    Did you know Norweigan Wood is actually about Elenor Braun, who played the evil witch in Help!? Lennon had an affair with her in a ski cottage (remember that ski scene?), which was made out of Norweigan Wood. VHI’s Behind the Music, indeed.

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