Life During Wartime: Winter Fashion Week 2008

This weekend featured a very important sporting event and some pretty expensive commercials (featuring Justin Timberlake, a very creepy baby, frightened furry animals, and a lot of cars). Meanwhile, on the heated political front, we all got to watch the  pre-SUPER TUESDAY pitches from presidential candidates. Go vote tomorrow!

One phenonemon going on in my own city that I ignored completely until today is the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, currently taking over Bryant Park. A biannual event, this season is my favorite, as it showcases collections for the upcoming fall (in this case, fall 2008). Layers! Dark colors! Fuzzy sweaters! Long coats! Scarves! Boots! I love cold weather attire, if not the actual cold itself.

Fashion writers have been talking about the “return to rock n’ roll” of this particular fashion week (Joan Jett was there!), now into day four. Well, I’m still waiting for Marc Jacobs (how many hours late this year?), Heatherette (always a hoot),  and Zac Posen (my favorite!) but so far, what I have picked up on is a 1930’s and 40’s international life-during wartime aesthetic.

Diane Von Furstenberg played it safe but sweet with a 1940’s war bride in Britain look. She’s still in her slip because she had to run to the bomb shelter before breakfast.


Rag and Bone kept it blatently militaristic


Rock & Republic (Victoria Beckham’s fav label) had Evil Nazi Spy attire going on. Looks a bit like the Nazi who hunted Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, yes? Actually it’s supposed to be “Gangster chic” but I get more German sadist vibe.


Y-3 choose more of a Maoist drab thing


Meanwhile on the celebrity front (which my dear friend Astrid of Getty Images is busily covering every night this week), my favorite celeb shot far (seen watching the Miss Sixty show):


Jesus Chloe, could you look any angrier? Then again, if I had to look at this I might make that face too:


Dear god! Featuring a brand name on tights?


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