Politics, Raves, and the Gangsta Party

In the last two weeks I have received emails from political organizations like Moveon.org urging me to support Obama on Super Tuesday (today). I’ve also read Caroline Kennedy’s piece in the Times. I even read the New York Post’s endorsement (bizarro).  By far the strangest endorsement, though, was one that I received yesterday via list-serve from The Danger, a party collective that throws raves and spectacles that often involve fire-eating and other circus skills. Think Burning Man and some turntables in a creaky warehouses in Bushwick and you’re not far off visualising THE DANGER.


Reveler from “One Night of Fire Party” in 2007, as hosted by The Danger, photo credit Sarah Ferguson

And then today my friend Ray forwarded me The American Apparel official endorsement email. If you go to the AA website they have a very sexy pic of Barack wearing leather jacket (circa the early 80s). A second later a picture of a young (he was young?) McCain flashes by. Here’s the endorsement:

We urge voters to consider Obama on the Democratic side.We urge voters to consider McCain on the Republican side.Why? Because of their honesty on the issue of immigration, the most significant civil rights concern the country has faced in 50 years.”

skanky-girl.jpg LOVES o.jpg

So, on your way to to the rave, while clad in sparkly leggings and a gold lame bra, do stop by the polls please. (Please note that this is not in any way to make light of today’s importance. I’m on board for Obama. I just get a kick out of ultra-Progressive ravers and spandex-peddling slimy CEO’s like Dove Charney telling me who to vote for.)

While it seems as though every celebrity has a candidate they are supporting, there are some in the entertainment realm who are still fiercely independent. Such as Snoop Dog, a member of “the gangsta party.” Check him out on Larry King. This is one of my favorite interviews in a long while. “Say it like you mean it!”


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