Daydream Artshow

Sonic Youth Art show coming up!

And for the hell of it, inspired by this new information, I thought I would share my new favorite pic from Fashion Week featuring Kim Gordon AND Ryan Adams, an unlikely fashionista.


Adams dresses kind of like Ray and I did in college:


Speaking of Ray and our old Progressive selves, uh, do note how I also have not said anything about how Obama killed in Washington, DC. KILLED. Oh whoops.


7 responses to “Daydream Artshow

  1. Where the hell did he find my old jean jacket???? (yes, we never called it denim back then)

  2. Maybe he toured through Vermont.

  3. At least you looked kind of cool in college. I looked like one of the Designing Women(hopefully Dixie Carter, because she was wicked awesome). Go Clinton!

  4. Dixie was the shit! And I loved Designing Women. I would have resembled Annie Potts, probably, if I hadn’t been so unwashed looking in my youth….

    Even though I’m all about Obama, you are my favorite Clintonian. xoxoxo

  5. ummmm…. did you and ray share some manic panic during the college years?

  6. One would think, but actually no. He might have stolen some though when I was busy making out with Adam Grass or something.

  7. pshhh! Mancic panic was so 90s! I starting using the $$ CVS hair dye in college!

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