LARPING: high brow/low brow at its best

We all have our weaknesses.

For example, I have a friend who obsessively loves anything having to do with feral children. Meanwhile, many people love to watch groups of fat people on TV try to loose weight while competing against other groups of fat people trying to loose weight, often in organized duels. Me? I am a sucker for any footage on tape that documents Live Action Role Playing, or Larping. I have never actually participated in this kind of activity, although my week-long stint as an authentically dressed “American Girl”  on vacation in Colonial Williamsburg as a pre-teen comes mighty close. I am what you might call a vicarious larper.

So, today’s Thank Goodness it’s Friday (and not Valentine’s Day for another year!) post features two videos that document variations on larping. The first one that I share with you is a video of “classic” style Larping, with young warriors in costumes and evil-doers of increased height in non-human masks duking it out. Watch as a human player strikes one mythological figure with fake lightening bolts:

My friend Tyler and I have been watching this video for years and IT NEVER GETS OLD.

And now, I show you a new a variation on Larping, one which I just learned about yesterday: Quidditch.  Harry Potter aficionados will recognize this as the game that mythical Hogwarts’ students play where they fly around on broomsticks. Here, college students (at Vassar, nonetheless!) prepare for a big game, sans magic ball and airborne ability (but with rules that account for simulation of such activity)


One response to “LARPING: high brow/low brow at its best

  1. lightning bolt = classic

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