Oscars 2007: Takeover by Arty Euros?

Last night’s big winners? Not Clooney, not Philip Seymour Hoffman, but instead it was a sweep by the Coens and those damn Euros! Indeed, the major awards left not given to the Coen Brothers (who deserved  them all, hands down) were snatched by highbrow European actors: Marion Coutillard, Javier Bardem, Tilda Swinton, and Daniel Day Lewis. 

My only complaint is the why the fuck did Jonny Greenwood not get nominated for the score to There Will Be Blood?And why did Marjane Satrapi not win for best animated film with Persepolis? Ah, I suppose the avant garde cannot always dominate….However, in fashion land, there were some funky departures from the pretty blond chick in haute couture ballgown regular. I am sure the tabloids will rag on these looks, but I was encouraged to see some traces of subculture on the Red Carpet.

My favorite look of the evening was on Cambridge-educated, arty cougar Tilda Swinton, winner of Best Supporting Actress for Michael Clayton. Swinton is one of the most underrated actresses out there. Go see Orlando–it will change your life! And then go rent The Deep End, which features her as one of the most heroic and heartbreaking mother characters recently portrayed on film.

Swinton is not only an amazing actress, but she’s a true eccentric. Her lifestyle is constantly in the British tabloids, as she is supposedly involved both with the father of her children, playwright John Byrne, and a much younger man, the German-born artist Sandro Kopp. Sandro was with her last night (which is so fucking awesome–esp when you consider all the old Hollywood dudes with young women, ala Harrison Ford and Calistra Flockhart).  Swinton looked pretty fierce, even a little Annie Lennox, in her asymmetrical dress, funky bracelet and extremely stylish haircut (Full Disclosure: I sport a very similar hair style…):


Looking just as fierce, although a bit more punk/less 80’s art student, was Diablo Cody who won for Best Original Screenplay for Juno. (Much has been made of the fact that she’s a former stripper. It even made the front cover of the New York Post with the headline: “Pretty-in-ink former stripper wins for ‘Juno'”). Assymetical black bob plus sailor tatto0 plus sexy vintage print sheath equals my kind of hot.


Best Actress surprise Marion Coutaillard was absolutely amazing (and dead-on) as the perpetually drunk, bawdy and yet very child-like French superstar chanson Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose (which had a limited distribution in the U.S.). She looked smashing in a white couture mermaid-style gown accessoried smartly by a long diamond necklace.


Daniel Day Lewis, winner for Best Actor in There Will Be Blood (his big comeback film), was caught sporting a lot of hair and a large pair of mearrings (man-earrings). I love Europe, I love Day-Lewis–but oh why is man-jewelry and floppy hair so popular there, especially in the post-40 arty set (think Johnny Depp post move to Paris)?


He and Rebecca Miller (daughter of playwright Arthur and wife of Day-Lewis) made quite the eccentric splash on the red carpet. Check the footwear on both of them. Love hers; hate his. Still, it’s refreshing to see some people waving the freak flag, a pleasant distraction from the polyuthertane Hollywood mold.



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