Ghosts: NIN’s love-ode to Eno…for free!

Ghosts: NIN pulls a Radiohead and takes a serious dose of Ambientnin_ghosts_i-iv-20.jpg

 Dear Brian Eno,

I’m through with all that angry “Head like a Hole” stuff. I’m really into Macs and yoga now and I even considered painting with light the other day but got angry because I couldn’t figure it out and decided to listen to the sound of glass crashing on the floor instead. Oh and I even considered recording in a castle, but after that last controversy over the Tate house I thought against it. My new producer (Atticus Ross) is a genius, really. Not as much as you, but he’s quite good. Perhaps this tribute album, which I have lovingly released to my fans for free (free Eno, like the wind!) will make up for that pig’s head with the feather (which I took from a glittery boa you wore on the first Roxy Music tour that I bought on ebay) that I left at your door. That was on the Pretty Hate Machine tour and I was really into Ketamine at that time. I’m sorry! I heard it really freaked Byrne out. 

But I’m so healthy now, really I am. All cleaned up. Check out my muscles… and my clean and tidy hair! Oh wait, you don’t have any hair… oh, I really didn’t mean that as a jab! Ok, enough about ME. I will quit while I’m ahead. But really, you might reconsider working with me on the next one, yes?  I mean if Bowie did it, it can’t be that bad, right? Better than working with those fuckheads in Coldplay! 

Please reconsider,


 Vacuum cleaner nonsense? You decide. That’s the beauty of it: it’s free! 


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