I am a Cliche Says Stuff White People Like: Post-Goth Week Continues



“Your first priority must be to steer the conversation to the topic of high school, which is not very difficult. If you are talking about music, mention the music you think they would have liked in high school and how you were taunted for liking those bands. If you cannot properly gauge the type of music a white person liked in high school, you should always say that you were really into The Cure. All white people know that liking The Cure in high school is an invitation to be tortured by the cool kids. This will bring about instant sympathy and respect.”

From Stuff White People Like blog which I both loathe and love…and yes I did see that Gondry film and I like Mos Def. Ten bucks says this guy hangs out at SODA and lives in Prospect Heights.

 A little Cabaret Voltaire for y’all. This is industrial dance that doesn’t suck.

I want you (12 inch mix)–Cabaret Voltaire


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