“Williamsburg Hipsters” Take to Farms and Hooking Says NYTimes


How many times can the Sunday edition of The New York Times cover the travails of the “Williamsburg hipster” in one single issue? Between the hipsters who became farmers from the Style section (literally titled “Leaving Behind the Trucker Hat”)  to the article about the double lives of real prostitutes–one a zaftig Dom with piercings and another straight from an Adrian Tomine comic–the NYT boner for those who live off the L line just got a little bigger.

Skip the trucker article and skip right to “The Double Lives of High-Priced Call Girls” from this Sunday’s Metro section. It’s riveting stuff–hip young thing hookers who also do things like design websites and sell real estate! (Hello tax deductions!) For example, “Ms. O’Donnell, 25, is a Williamsburg hipster with entrancing blue eyes who carries an NPR tote bag and might offer up a few pleasantries on the Whole Foods checkout line before turning back to her Junot Diaz novel” and is later described as having “russett bangs and the coquettish nerdiness.” I can’t wait til next week’s article about Joanna Angel’s favorite novelists!


“Coquettish nerdiness”  and the new happy hooker?

However, to give The Times their due, they do have the effervescently scathing Maureen Dowd, who this week comments on the carefree behavior (“like Rachael Ray sprinkling paprika on goulash”) of our president even as the economy continues to meltdown:

“Boy George crashed the family station wagon into the globe and now the global economy. Yet the more terrified Americans get, the more bizarrely carefree he seems. The former oilman reacted with cocky ignorance a couple of weeks ago when a reporter informed him that gas was barreling toward $4 a gallon”

Oh Mo!

Some vaguely topical music: 

Sex Dwarf-Soft Cell (from the absolutely brilliant album Non Stop Erotic Cabaret, one which 21st-century electro owes its soul to)

Self Obsessed and Sexee–Sonic Youth 




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