Dub Easter Electro Egg Mix

Sans la grippe, avec beaucoup de travail, c’est à toi une musique. Bonne Paqcues!

Future: Cut Copy Or, rather, Fewcha! Let’s just go into a minute why Australians rule? Nick Cave. Kylie Minogue. Cut Copy. Koalas. Murial’s Wedding. Ok, I won’t post about Cut Copy anymore.

My Spine is a Bassline:  Shriekback

New Young Pony Club: Hiding on the Staircase This is such a good song. Stupid name for a band and when I first saw these guys two years ago, I wasn’t that impressed but now they impress me. This sounds so vintage I can’t believe it wasn’t made in 1983.

Cocaine in my Brain: Dillinger

Vivien Goldman: Laundrette: This was actually made around 1983. I think I may have actually lived this song, though, in 2004. Goldman is a professor at NYU now. (She was also in the Flying Lizards).


My Favorite Mutiny: The Coup

Yppah: What’s the Matter?

Digitalism: Idealism This song is so very 1994 Big Beat (Orbital, Prodigy) and I fucking love it. I kinda wanna watch Hackers right now actually


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