Eat, For This is My Body and Other Films to See ASAP!

Last night I went to see one of the films from MOMA’s New Directors/New Films series: Eat, For This is My Body the debut feature film from Haitian-American filmmaker Michalange Quay. Set in Haiti and the Loire Valley in France, it’s a non-linear, visual/sound poem of post-colonialism in Haiti, using the binaries of birth and life, black and white, male and female, eating and starving, etc as its narrative (rather than “plot”).


 Quite stunning.

Also if you’ve got a bf/gf or would be gf/bf and you want to get all cosy with while watching very, very good looking French youths (including the LOVELY Louis Garrel) sing romantic ditties, check out Christopher Honore’s Chansons d’amour (and then go home and get The Umbrellas of Cherbourg on dvd!)

And if you wanna see the real thing (not fashinista neo-New Wave, for much as I like some of Honore’s films, they can’t hold a candle to Godard), go to Film Forum to see the new print of Contempt.

Lastly, revisit the demented mind of Lynch’s youth as a Philly artist on Saturday night at IFC’s midnight showing of Eraserhead.


One response to “Eat, For This is My Body and Other Films to See ASAP!

  1. hi,

    thanks for your kind comments about my film. I made this film just as I saw it and felt it but was quite surprised to see the shock with which it has been recieved in the current cultural/economic climate. I’m hoping film download distribution will soon do what you bloggers for example have done to fill in a certain void in the medium and put in direct contact the more uncompromising filmmakers and the people who want to have an “experience” and see a bit of madness and art on their screens. We are out there! The feedback of you and your colleagues has given me hope and support. thanks again.

    michelange quay
    “Eat, For This Is My Body”

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