Nick Cave: Dark Love God Just Gets Better with Age

Nick Cave: man’s a fucking sound genius, a poet, a provocateur, and a sexy dancer to boot (not to mention how he redefined the skinny-hot-tall post punker-in-black aesthetic in a way that is still copied today). However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was also the interviewee on Fresh Air yesterday. Cave dishes on his most-excellent new album Dig Lazarus Dig!!!!, his work as a writer and a screenwriter, his long-lasting drug problem (he quit because it was practical, not because it was the moral thing to do), growing up in small town Australia (he hated it), how religious imagery has influenced his work, and a bit about one of his heros, Johnny Cash.

Terry Gross: “What does it feel like to play that distortion? It must be an incredible release…”

NickCave: “[With the guitar] you’ve kind of got the history of rock and roll in your hands.”

More Cave Candy for you: Night of the Lotus Eaters MP3 (from Dig Lazarus Dig!!!!!)

Pj Harvey and Cave in “Henry Lee” video from The Murder Ballads. Sexiest duo ever? If not sexy certainly they do resemble one another a bit.


2 responses to “Nick Cave: Dark Love God Just Gets Better with Age

  1. Oh, now that’s gorgeous! Brilliant blog, btw…

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