The Return of Marion Ravenwood!

Everyone I know–snob and non-snob– is psyched for the new Indiana Jones movie. The Indy trilogy was a huge part of our generation (late Gen X, early Y/Millennial) and whether you hate Spielberg or not, he helped define a huge chunk of the early lives of us children of 80’s pop culture. What I’m most excited for is the return of Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood on screen, possibly the most kick-ass female action character ever created.

Allen was one of the most beautiful actresses of the late 70’s and 80’s with her cascades of reddish brown hair, big green eyes, freckled skin and lean figure. She exuded the same kind of natural, slightly ersatz beauty that young Diane Keaton did–a thinking man’s screen siren.  But, uh, yeah, she was also Lara Croft before there was a Lara Croft! As Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark, she was a heavy-drinking, tough-ass bartender/abandoned daughter (her father was Indy’s mentor) who wasn’t afraid of snakes or Nazis. As an equally freckle-faced childsnob in the 80’s, I watched Raiders over and over again. I would then go and play “drinking” with my parents’ empty wine bottles and I’d drink my dolls under the table just like Marion did with those native bar-flies. Hmmm, interesting, yes? Never got into pretending to seduce Nazis, though.

What makes Allen as a person so very, very cool is that she aged gracefully and with taste to become the ultimate hippie mom (not a “why don’t people like old actresses, oh wo is me” Debra Winger figure). In her fifties now, she has taken up a second career of knitting and she has her own store: the Karen Allen Fiber Arts store in Western, Mass. She also opened a yoga studio, which is why when we all go to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, we will admire how lovely her skin still is and what nice shape she’s in.

Check out Karen’s scarf:

A little bit like the 80’s Afghan garb floating in the bar she tended?


4 responses to “The Return of Marion Ravenwood!

  1. I am so glad to see her back!!!!!!! She is the only reason I’m even going to see the new movie!

    and to find out she’s a knitter too! I am even more stoked!

    thanks for posting this! You rock!

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  3. Lynn Angela Pisco

    I think Karen Allen looks absolutely fantastic in this film better than the first one obviously . It’s because she’s much older and more wiser and likes to take charge of certain situations like doing these action scenes with Harrison Ford and the entire cast . There were some that are so hilarious between Marion and Indy of course and when I saw Mutt was in the middle of their parent’s argument, I was like oh man not again . Also some of my favorite scenes from this movie is when Marion, Mutt, Oxley and Indy were running from these Russians heading towards into the quick sand and Marion told Indy that Mutt is actually Henry Jones III his son and didn’t believe it until now . Letting Marion Ravenwood drive shot gun in front of the truck was amazing to see her doing it and then go onto another car that looks like a boat in which obviously this time she took charge of the jungle chasing scenes while Shia LaBeouf was fighting against Cate’s character with a sword which I really enjoyed the most . Also there was a time when they reached the end of the cliff going into the water rapids, Karen’s character some how drove the car full throttle this time which it’s remarkable on how she can automatically take the wheel while Indy of course gave her directions of turns and says : don’t you ever do that again and she says with a smile : yes, dear . I was like yes you girlfriend ! I really like the way she can handle herself being so good to do her own stunts with out using another body double like running down those big giant steps towards into the cave along with Harrison Ford leading the way of course as Indy would do come on now . It’s obviously getting into a better shape like Karen Allen has taken’ a much energy and spirited actress at her age of 56 would do something outrageous than this kind of move . I wanted to know if I can ask her what is difficult for you to put yourself at risk to do something that’s totally off guard like doing your own stunts and created them as being Marion Ravenwood from this particular movie ?

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Cerise!

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