Unicorns: Horned Myth Creatures Get New Cred

ROME (AP) – A deer with a single horn in the center of its head – much like the fabled, mythical unicorn – has been spotted in a nature preserve in Italy, park officials said Wednesday. “This is fantasy becoming reality,” Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, told The Associated Press. “The unicorn has always been a mythological animal.”


Can’t get enough Unicorns? Here’s a best of list:

“Unicorns L.A” from my favorite new performance art troupe My Barbarians


Unicorn (noun): A term used to refer to a man who is so beautiful that he is neither gay nor straight, but otherworldly; often with regal air. (Coined by Claire Howard?) For example: “Roger Federer is a such a Unicorn!”


Planet Unicorn:

The Unicorns: popular band from the mid 00’s; now Islands

Magic the Gathering: Benevolent Unicorns!

The Last Unicorn: 80’s animated film with voice of pre-crazy Mia Farrow



2 responses to “Unicorns: Horned Myth Creatures Get New Cred

  1. Oh my goodness.

    Planet Unicorn.


  2. Oh man, this is the single greatest examination of the, uh, multivalent significations of the unicorn in popular culture that I have yet come across. I remain firm in my belief that the deericorn is not a real unicorn, though, due to its non-pony species.

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