Obamacons, Wall E, and “Crystal”–the new “Wolf”?

Ah, home from vacation. Back to work. Back to blog, etc.

Researching for work, I came upon my new favorite word: Obamacon. Now we all love a nifty word made up of an Obama-as-prefix, an “Obamism,” if you will. But this one is my fav. Why? Well, first of all if “conservative” can be in same realm, let alone the same TERM as “Obama” that’s a good thing, in regards to, oh, say winning an election (something Democrats haven’t been so good at recently). I’m a liberal, through and through (fuck religion! yay gays! save the poor!), but not everyone else is. That is the beauty of Obamania, that everyone–on the left, on the right, those liberal as fuck, conservative Catholics, and even retired generals (come on Colin Powell, endorse!)–can love the Barackstar.

Oh yeah and one more thing: Obamacon, it sounds like a robot. And I love robots. Agingsnob is snotty about most things culture (music, books, vegetables–broccolini over broccoli, thank you), but not about robots. Hence one of the reasons I went to see Wall-E this weekend, even braving the kiddie pool in Park Slope opening weekend. I’m almost astonished to say it is one of the most charming and beautiful films I’ve seen in quite some time. Some criticize the lack of any dialogue for the first hour. However, has anyone ever seen a classic children’s movie called The Red Balloon? Hmm. Or what about the sumptuously sweet and witty French animation film The Triplettes of Belleville? You can have a G-rated film without idiotic verbatim and children will still respond with laughter. So will adults as in the case of Wall-E.

Wall-E is visually spectacular (duh, it’s Pixar) but it’s the clever writing, reminiscent of early comedies of the 30’s ala Buster Keaton, that really make this movie such a joy to watch. Gina writes a great review, emphasizing just that, along with what a beautiful eco-lesson it is. Oh yeah, and uh, did I mention it’s a love story.

ROBOTS LOVING ROBOTS. How Daft Punk? Also, it’s notable that the female robot EVE (Eee-vaa) is the kick ass heroine of the story–smart, savvy, and yet feminine (really you never thought a robot giggle could be so adorable!). And because she’s a non-human (albeit one shaped a bit like something one might find at Good Vibrations…or the Apple Store), Disney didn’t force her into unrealistic babedom like that Pocohantas as Indian Barbie shit they pulled a few years ago. Bravo on all fronts!

Lastly, on this vacation o’ mine I checked out Crystal Castles live for the first time. Then, on the internets, I kept seeing reviews of the new Crystal Antlers album. Is Crystal the new Wolf? Discuss.


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