Sandman Comics: 20 Years

20 years old!

The Sandman Comics and their spin-offs (particularly “Death: The High Cost of Living” , which refashioned Death as a quirky/adorable Gothette) were a staple in my teenage life. I, like other art freaks before me, had Delirium-style red hair (pre mohawk D, though) and wore Ankh necklaces. I almost got a tattoo of one big Ankh on my back (that would have been regrettable). But hey, Norman Mailor even liked them, so it’s not just a nerd thing.  And now 20 years! And a special poster to boot!

Delirium: Space cadet extraordinaire/Tori Amos doppelganger/beloved muse of redhead art freaks who did too much acid.

The comic started in 1988, which is actually the year I sort of wished I had been 16–rather than the late 90’s. My Bauhaus sticker collection would have certainly been more in vogue. Alas. Here’s to the graceful aging of old goth culture mongers–Gaiman, Tim Burton, Siouxsie Sioux, etc.


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