J Spaceman Resurrected! If you didn’t go to the Spiritualized show…

Terminal 5 7.27.08 show, courtesy of Jason Bergman

“You need to be a quite a snob when you’re makin’ your own music.” Yes, Spaceman, you do.  Not to be redundant, but I  just can’t stop thinking/dreaming of/recollecting my amazing evening with Spiritualized the other night at Terminal 5: an hour and a half of continuous rock slowed down occasionally by melodious, heart-stirring shoegaze!  There were moments when the Spaceman–who literally almost died after a bout of lethal pneumonia two years ago–screamed as though the electricity from his guitar was resurrecting him.

And the beautiful thing about “new media” is that we can all get a taste of the experience via NPR: Bob Boilan did a very serious interview with Jason Pierce backstage at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC and then recorded the whole show for live streaming audio. (“Yeah the lights are dimming”–oh man, Bob, you’re so awesomely uncool).

The setlist is almost identical to what I heard two nights later. Let yourself be wowed by that amazing transition from opening song “You Lie You Cheat” (from new album Songs in A&E) to every sensitive stoner’s favorite Spaceman ballad, “Shine a Light.”

Also, check out Spaceman’s radio show.


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