Carrie Brownstein and the SATS of 80’s Rock. Analogies!

Were the 80’s really that bad? Good question. I, of course, would say no no no no….but then again I was 3 in 1985. I also dressed like Cyndi Lauper with an Emily Dickinson fetish, uh, so there again, I am not the most unbiased candidate for this question.

Why then do I ask? Well, I ask this question after listening to the All Music Considered’s excellent “The 80 ‘s: Were They Really that Bad?” show from Tuesday featuring Sleater-Kinney genious guitarist/smart NPR blogger/the only girl I’d leave my boyfriend for CARRIE BROWNSTEIN. Now I’ve got big hair on my mind and the lady question thanks to Palin (see post below), so Carrie Brownstein talking about the 80’s (and namechecking New Zealand bands like The Bats and The Clean) is kinda all I need. Oh yes, this easily downloadable goodie might be the RNC antidote I need today.

Also I’m feeling analogy-centric, so I’ve created an analogy list of 80’s to 00’s music.

1. New still-under-the-radar Brooklyn band Crystal Stilts is to (brilliantly underrated) Chameleons UK as maudlin is to monotone (singing, that is).

2. Fey gay cellist Arthur Russell’s 80’s art disco is to Antony (of Antony and the Johnsons) singing with neo-disco band Hercules & Love Affair as lost dreams is to body glitter on a dancing man at the Cock on a friday night.

3. Siouxsie and the Banshees is to new electro Manchesterites the Tings Tings as Sofia Coppola film soundtracks are to iPod commercials.

4. Screamadelica-era Primal Scream is to MGMT as vintage is to H&M knockoffs.

5. Love & Rockets is to Yeasayer as big hair is to beards.

6. New Order is to Sebastian Tellier as Less than Zero is to Gossip Girl.

To listen to this audio analogy course, go here.


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