Fashion Week Recap Part I: The Celebs

I am so fucking sick of Sarah Palin and her bad hair and her scary hybrid of hometown politics and KKKhristiananity. So, let’s talk about Lilo and Ronson at the tents at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Spring 2009 in Bryant Park. What else? Too much rock spawn–including the return of Kelly Osborn (skinny!), Perry Ferrell (blech), and a lot of Gossip Girl. Fuck talking–let’s look!

Paul Banks (of Interpol) with Helena Christianson. Even rock stars with adolescent acne can hang with models.

Rock star spawn sighting 1.  Peaches Geldof who wore that dumb headband all week

Rock star spawn 2. Dj Sam Ronson (and Shane from the L Word doppelganger) and “gal pal” LiLo at sis Charlotte Ronson’s show

Rock spawn 3: Daughter who once was popular in pop music herself–well, sorta, like with people who have moved on to My Chemical Romance these days–Kelly Osbourne, now slimmed down and with model beau

Finally the most tragic rock star (really a rock GOD) spawn: Sean Lennon, why? Why? Was the breakup with Miho Hatori that bad? Did you trade weights with Kelly Osborne? Did you eat the other half of her at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame afterparty?

Speaking of Rock Stars, Mick Rock and Perry Farrell at the old CBGB’s space which is now John Varvatos’s store. Dear god, Ferrall, come on just give up. They already talk about you (and your old band, Jane’s Addiction) used to tour with the parents on Gossip Girl back in the 80s when the hot dad’s band was big. This means it’s time to retire and have spawn who will grow up to go to fashion shows.

Finally, MK got her way and made everyone else get up and move because she needed to sit next to Chase Crawford and Jessica Szor from Gossip Girl. Man, Gossip Girl peeps be  all over fashion week. Hmm, actors who play rich young fashionable aristocrats in New York society become actual rich young fashionable aristocrats in New York society–how fucking meta.

Photos courtesy of New York Magazine’s coverage (all photos from Getty and Patrick McMullin)


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