I have a dream…

November 2008:

Obama becomes president in a tight raise thanks to Ohio going Blue.

However, the first four years are tough and not that much progress is made except for health care reform (yes!). We painfully pull out of Iraq, slowly and no, it’s not easy. More Americans die serving as a reminder NEVER AGAIN should we wage preemptive war. Obama gets reelected, even though he has not delivered the immense change promised (this is truly impossible–but who are we to criticize lofty ambitions?). Why? Well, the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney and half-way through election it turns out he has been boinking little boys, some of which are actually in his family since his family is, oh yes, that big.

Obama wins by landslide.

7 years later (2015):

The economy is booming, the war in Iraq is finished (although that nation is left in complete ruin, like Lebanon in the 80’s), relations are good with China and with Russia ($$$ does make the world go round) and gay marriage is an amendment. Pro Choice Supreme Court judges outnumber Pro Life (that’s a long stretch, I know)

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is in jail for tax fraud. Her excuse? “God told me to save that money from this demon-invested federal government and put it towards freeing Alaska from the lower 48.”  Those lower 48 states didn’t really find that to be a valid excuse. John McCain died in 2010 in his sleep. He took some Lunesta and just never work up, so rest assured he wasn’t dreaming about that POW camp. In fact he was found with that weird smile he always has clinched on his face when he tries to hang out with poor people. Cindy has since remarried. Oh and Karl Rove, well he got Alzheimer’s in 2010 and spent 5 years loosing that mind that so tightly wound this country into the mess it was in the 00s. He’s currently hitting effigies of Hillary Clinton (which someone found at an antique store) with a stick in his living room. Bush is riding horses in Texas and has a significant problem with Valium but at this point who cares if he’s stoned out of his mind? Hillary is being called the “Ted Kennedy of the new millennium”—keeping Liberal Democracy alive with an iron fist in Congress.

Oh and in 2015 we’ll be making enough money to enjoy/capitalize on the economic boom brought on by Obama just the way my father was able to send me to college because he invested during the awesomely fruitful mid-Clinton years. I hope to be in a house with solar panels so I’ll never see another gas bill again.

This is my Hope!


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