Jonathan Ames, TOTR’s new album, Gossip Girl…and the comeback of Juliana Hatfield?

I’m sorry for being a bad blogger as of late–truthfully it’s hard to focus on anything but the bizarrely manic depressive economy, Sarah Palin’s misappropriation of higher level learning concepts (not to mention misunderstanding of uh, well, basic U.S. history facts), and Gossip Girl (the devoted, lovingly snarky Gossip Girl weekly analysis on New York ‘s Vulture blog proves I’m not the only one!).

However, I have had time to check out Jonathan Ames’ reading at Bookcourt, listen to the new TV on the Radio album DEAR SCIENCE (yes, it’s as good as everyone says), and remember why I only vaguely liked Juliana Hatfield back in the day.

1. Jonathan Ames’ new book–his first graphic novel– THE ALCOHOLIC is a collaboration with comic artist Dean Haspiel and it is sure to be as excellent as his fantastic Wodehouse satire Wake Up Sir! (also about a hapless but fiendishly intelligent and funny alcoholic writer). Ames has the ability to be hilariously uncouth, irreverent, sexually candid and even a bit perverted without ever coming off as a scary guy. No, he’s actually kind of lovable; a small, awkwardly deadpan guy who somehow fell off the wagon of intellectualism and ended up at AA meetings in the East Village. You know, like someone you might want to hug even if he smelled of shit or tranny bars. He also dates Fiona Apple (!!!).

2. Gossip Girl’s hot dad Rufus brings me to 90’s nostalgia every day.  I wouldn’t be surprised then if Juliana Hatfield–who just penned her own memoir–makes an appearance on the show when Rufus’s band puts out a new reunion album. She did guest star as a homeless girl ghost in Doc Martins on My So-Called Life, the first most important show ever of my life (ok, second:first would be the Baudrillard-esque girl rocker cartoon Jem). Anyhow Hatfield’s memoir sounds pretty boring, but it’s charmingly Ethan Hawke-ish to hear her talk about not ever being able to sell out on this interview. Then you can go and read her blog about her music….Ok, I’m gonna stop being snotty now but, ah wait, …its time for an excerpt from the memoir!

Sam was ten years younger than I was, a talented (but penniless) guitar player, singer and songwriter. When we started dating I said to myself, “Haven’t I learned anything from my mistakes? I’m an idiot — a fool — to get involved with Sam, another cute, poor guy in a band, and so much younger than me on top of that…..I even told Sam my prediction: “Sam, you’re gonna leave me for a model one day. Just wait.” I would repeat this every few weeks, as a way to preemptively save face — to let Sam know in advance of when it happened that I’d seen it coming; so that when he dumped me, I could pretend it wasn’t a shock, or a big deal, or a humiliation, and that I had even had a hand in my destiny.

Sheesh, this is almost as lame as Dan Humphrey’s short stories.

Guest star as Rufus’ old fling before Lilly? Will see get her own E! reality dating show like Lisa Loeb?


One response to “Jonathan Ames, TOTR’s new album, Gossip Girl…and the comeback of Juliana Hatfield?

  1. I love that we have the same two fave shows.

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