Election Night Top Ten!

Holy Shit! Did I just have the best night of my entire life? It surpassed that 21st birthday night that’s for certain.

Agingsnob’s Election Night Top Ten

1. Barack Obama, President Elect. Before midnight! Landslide!

2. Bars/homes/stadiums/churches full of people of all colors and ages moved by Obama’s pragmatic, sincere, and tear unleashing speech.

3. The gorgeous, color-coordinated Michelle Obama. And now her portrait is featured in Liz Peyton’s New Museum show.


3. A Blue Ohio! I’m so proud to say that my friend Gina helped make it happen by carpooling to Ohio, canvasing tirelessly and even dressing up in fleece to not scare the natives. She also made election night cookies. YUM.


3. Bucks County for Obama?!? Holy shit–the Pennsylvania county where I grew up, a place where I literally knew three black people in a 30 mile radius, a place where old money, Target superstores, upper-crust style racism, big hair and big bank accounts reign supreme, was one of the counties that sent PA to Obama’s camp. This is a place that Hilary Clinton ignored on her First Lady tour of important places in American history even though George Washington crossed the damn river to start winning the Revolutionary War and what is more historic than that? Yeah, the BC almost always goes to the GOP. Not last night. I like to think my friends who live there (and all voted Obama) helped out but also maybe all those MoveOn.org phone calls to PA actually worked.

4. Massive celebration by the young people (and non young people)–from Seattle’s march downtown to Williamsburg hipsters being non-ironic to Chicago’s jubillation in Grant Park it was a good night to be under thirty and have a very loud voice. It was also the first time in my entire life that this 25-year-old felt her opinion/vote made a difference.

5. The awesome old Chicago African Americans on today’s All Things Considered

6. Hello Al Franken? Maybe/hopefully/pretty please? Goodbye Liddy Dole and a bunch of other Republican creeps in the Senate for sure. Ciao ciao!

7. The droves of people that went out to vote. 2 hours to wait in Crown Heights!


*photo courtesy of runswithscissors

8. Something tells me from all the smooching I spotted in Park Slope (baby mecca) that a bunch of babies are going to be born in exactly nine months. Democrat lust!

9. Medical Marijauna in Michigan???!!! Wow. The hand-shaped state does love the ghanja. Detroit Rock City fans celebrate everywhere.

10. Martha Stewart and Rachel Maddow making election day cocktails— plus scrapbooking!

Top 5 Election Bummers

1. Prop 8. I love California but COME ON HOW DID YOU LET THIS PASS?

2. Creaky old school mechanical voting machines through out Brooklyn. Come on? We’re the one of the biggest and most advanced cities in the world. Can’t we get a fancy touch screen????


3.Tim Robbins‘ voting woes.

Reports The New York Times:

At one point, a poll worker who tried to get the insistent Mr. Robbins to move mentioned calling over a police officer, and the actor responded, “Is this some kind of intimidation? I’m taking this as intimidation.” He added that he was prepared to be arrested, if necessary

It’s Tim Robbins people! Let the Tall Lefty Movie Star of Quirky Humor vote! This is New York not Kansas!!! And I agree with him–those affidavit ballots are bullshit. Did you not see Thelma and Louise? Don’t fuck with Susan Sarandon–and that includes denying her man his voting rights. And speaking of you New York Times, why is it so fucking hard to find a newspaper today?

4. November 5, 2008: Hangover, lack of hearing, exhaustion, laryngitis. Also the feeling that your head might explode.

5. The will.i.am hologram talking to Anderson Cooper: Jem fans delighted; rest of world not amused.


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