Dude It’s Holiday Time! Good Things Despite the Shitty World

So after a week of watching violence in Walmart and Mumbai on CNN it’s a bit hard to get psyched for a happy holiday. However, Christmas/Thanksgiving is about who and what you love, not about buying things or lamenting your company’s canceled holiday party or watching terrorists bomb the shit out of banking capitals. And there is a lot of fucking sugar to get excited about! That said, here are a few things making me deliciously happy despite the sad state of the economy, the world, the environment and retail killing, ahem, shopping.

Christmas lights/star shaped sugar cookies/fake sparkly xmas trees/the tacky decorations all over the outer boroughs of NYC.

Best of music lists for 2008 (compiling mine now but I’ll give you a hint: CUT COPY and a lot of Chad Van Gaalen)

“No One Does It Like You” (click on it to listen on NPR.com) from Daniel Rossen’s (Grizzly Bear) other band Department of Eagles

Slumdog Millionaire and A Christmas Tale: The sweet and sour (respectively) of holiday art films.


Really good looking/fucked up French couple or really good looking/fairy tale Indian couple?

David Foster Wallace’s (RIP) “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again.” I’ve never wanted to go on a cruise but now I seriously question the sanity of those who DO want to go on a cruise.

Twin Peaks’ via Netflix. Now that Mad Men is over for the season I need a smart soap opera that features some 1950’s values turned on its head and this Lynchian murder mystery/meta series from the 90’s does the trick.

Anticipating the Irma Vep Essential Edition DVD on December 9th. Assayas is my favorite French filmmaker working today and Irma Vep–starring Maggie Cheung and legend Jean Pierre Leoud–is his masterpiece. This 1996 film is a work of sublime satire and a stunningly stylish film to boot. Finally it’s getting the treatment it deserves. (Also check out Luna’s excellent cover of “Bonnie and Clyde” showcased in the film).


OVATION TV: I don’t have this channel at home (I don’t even have cable…boo…) but I did get to watch a bit of quality tv (as opposed to the E! True Hollywood story of the Osbournes and multiple episodes of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”) while in PA for Thanksgiving vacation time and over the course of the a few days I was able to view a documentary on photographer David LaChappelle, the tail end of How To Draw a Bunny (about “outsider” artist Ray Johnson ), and the making of Blur’s record 13. Did anybody else know about this awesome art-tastic cable network?????

The Vaselines’ sad/scratchy/lofi genius (thanks the emphatic praise via blog from Bryan..oh and a dude named Kurt)

Butternut squash and pinot noir: Quite simply the perfect late fall wine/vegetable combo.

The Looking at Music show at MOMA

Hanging with the family: When my roommate came home today we recapped our Thanksgiving break activities. And it turns out we both just hung out in the burbs drinking wine, eating, and watching the telly with our families (for me it included, along with aforementioned trash tv and OVATION gems, IFC showing of Shallow Grave, a great pre-Slumdog Millionaire treat from a very, very young and sardonic Danny Boyle and Stuart Saves His Family, my family holiday film). Instead of going to the bars full of people you kinda hate from high school, why not reconsider staying in the night before Christmas and hang with your rents instead. Although, a suggestion: it helps if you have a buddy to keep you sane, so bring a boyfriend/girlfriend/bestfriend/cousin home with you or make sure you’ve got a brother or sister you really like there to help from parent insanity setting in too deep (DEAR MANFRIEND, THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME FROM SCRATCHING OUT MY EYEBROWS OUT OF RESTLESSNESS).


One response to “Dude It’s Holiday Time! Good Things Despite the Shitty World

  1. Dude, you have to buy the Twin Peaks box set for the sweet postcards that come packaged with it. They’re like trading cards except awesome. One in every 1 for every 15,000 boxes has a gold foil postcard signed by David Lynch!

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