Freaky British Chicks Who Sing–In Red Dresses, Nonetheless

katebushkickinside0dcRecently the girl in pop music trend in England has been all about cute, very young and spunky singers based on the Lily Allen model.  I actually like Lily Allen and can tolerate Duffy, Kate Nash, and Lykke Ly (ok, she’s Swedish…) with their adolescent, frisky fun and I LOVE Little Boots, but I miss the Freaky British Chicks Who Sing of an older pop era (late 70s-mid 90s).

Reading Carrie Brownstein’s always amazing NPR blog, I was reminded of how much I adore Kate Bush–possibly the most well known of all women in this catagory. Brownstein posted “Wuthering Heights” (Red Dress video) on MonitorMix and it made me think wow, we’re really missing out nowadays! Such drama! Interpretative Dance!  So much hair! Literary themes! Not even Tori Amos with rats running over in her that “God” video can compete with intelligent glam artsyfartsy-ness that borders on ridiculous but never quite steps over that line.

This started me thinking of various Freaky British Chicks Who Sing--from Martina Bird Topley to Dusty Springfield (Dusty was so Sad, thus Freaky). Most Freaky British Chicks Who Sing are/were startlingly thin, brutally angular, and move with maniacal, spooky but graceful movements. Their sexuality is usually portrayed in either a sour or tortured way–offputting sexuality is a must. It what makes them provocateurs, not sex symbols.

And according to research, many Freaky British Chicks Who Sing are clad in red. Really. Maybe it has to do with that Chaucer’s scarlet clad Wife of Bath? hmmm…

Red dress 1: Kate Bush: “Wuthering Heights”

Red dress 2: PJ Harvey “Down by the Water”

Harvey comes in as potentially the creepiest Freaky British Chick

Red dress 3:Siouxsie and the Banshees “Red  Light””

The original “fierce.”

Red outs fits 4: The Slits “Typical Girls”

The Slits were totally the beginnning of Tribal Freaky British Chicks. Now that Ari is a Rasta she’s even weirder now.


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