Guy Maddin’s Faerie Tales…


Last night I saw wonderful weirdo/experimental filmmaker/Canadian extraordinaire Guy Maddin present some of his favorite films in an intimate screening at IFC theater. This made me think back my introduction to Maddin with his 1997 bizarro fantasy Twilight of the Ice Nymphs, which showed up one afternoon on Bravo in the late 90s (remember when Bravo used to be like a real arts channel with cool indie films and such?). My dad and I watched it and we were mesmerized.

Now looking back on those fantasy films he made early in his career, it makes me think of Lynch if he worked with Shelly Duvall on her Faerie Tale Theatre.  Anyhow…

Dear Guy Maddin,

Thank you for being such a  wack job.

from Careful

from his feature The Saddest Music in the World



And as for those Faerie Tales…here’s a clip from Duvall’s The Snow Queen” with Lauren Hutten, nonetheless…god, no wonder I turned out this way…do 5 year olds still watch this kind of thing?


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