Spring Mix! Not the Salad…Music!


Hey Readers!

I have been super busy leaving my current job (goodbye antiquated book publishing and mean girls who wear too many headbands) and prepping for my new one (hello new media and friendly people!) so I’ve terribly neglectful of the blog. I’ve been twittering away (technically it’s “tweeting,” but that sounds like something dirty, yes?) and curating a post for a new great blog/music share my pals have created (Yahplay), not to mention tracking “the flu formerly called Swine” at least until it began to bore even my Hot  Zone obsessed self. Oh yes, and taking pictures of the beautiful spring and of high art and such…and…well, fuck it, I’ll admit it, I’ve been anxiously awaiting new news on the scandal, arrest, and now campaign to free the Hipster Grifter!

Anyhoo, I’m going to post some videos of Klaus Nomi soon, I promise, as he’s my new obsession–but for now a great spring mix I’ve made.

Another Day    Galaxie 500

Sixteen,Fifteen,Fourteen    Pj Harvey & John Parish

Red Oak Way    Lotus Plaza

Fools    The Dodos

False Horizon    Grouper

Kangaroo (Big Star Cover)    Bat For Lashes

Two Weeks    Grizzly Bear

Banana Slugs/Cosmonaut       High Places

Dance. Dance. Dance.   Lykke Li

Island    The Whitest Boy Alive

Build Voice    Dan Deacon

Spring Hall Convert [Platts Eyott Session]    Deerhunter

Download me!

**not for sale, just fun…no copyright stuff, k?

4 responses to “Spring Mix! Not the Salad…Music!

  1. I got into a near fistfight with someone over whether or not “twitter” was a real word, and what the past tense would be. I know my bird terms, dammit.

    Nice mix. I’m curious as to your thoughts on the recent TVOTR remixes.

  2. There are so many remixes…which ones? I am generally pro TVOTR although they are sorta a Brooklyn cliche, they are a damn good one!

  3. The whole remix album that came out a few weeks ago… it’s been in heavy rotation for me. Some of the tracks have a total Alec Empire digital hardcore vibe that takes me back to high school.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh yes, I heard some of that and I felt the SAME way. Ha, we used to listen to Alec Empire. That’s so funny.

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