S.N.O.B., qu’est-ce que c’est?

Who: Agingsnob is the child of two post-hippie Baby Boomers with graduate degrees. She was born to classical music and soon after the birth, champagne was corked. She was raised Vegan, went to ashrams with the ‘rents as a toddler, hated the world from age 11-19, read too much Salinger and Sweet Valley High at too young an age, and discovered college radio and never turned back. She later went to art school and lived amongst a fascinating milieu of semi-lesbians, real life freaks and some very, very good musicians. She currently resides as a semi-cliche in Brooklyn where she practices yoga, drinks too much, takes too many cabs home from Manhattan, spends too much on movie tickets and shows, and plays with her iMac far too much. Really you should give her some money. 

What: This blog grew from the all-too common Quarter Century crisis (25 and oh my!). Oh and the need to share opinions in the form of a charmingly elitist voice trapped in a cubicle. Also, you might question the subtitle? It’s a shout out to Kathleen Hanna and the now somewhat forgotten riot grrl slogan of “Fight Psychic Death.” God help us if we could all age as wonderfully as Ms. Hanna. She was beating up Ms. Love when she was 25. 


-Seattle, Summer 2007

One response to “S.N.O.B., qu’est-ce que c’est?

  1. Party Girl was where I first heard about falafels.

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