Music videos now and then…

(Hey guys, sorry it’s been such a long time. Between the new job and the advent of something sort of resembling summer, I have been mad busy)

There’s been a great deal of talk about YouTube as the new MTV. I don’t spend nearly as much time on YouTube as I did watching MTV when they actually had music videos on, but then again I am also no longer a ten year old with no friends a lot of time to waste. However, this whole YouTube as new Music Network thing prompted me to investigate videos that are being made today, videos from bands I like (no “Single Ladies” here, although I do enjoy the “Single Gaydies”). I found that despite the new “internet” medium, videos are still kinda the same as they were in the 80s/90s–although not nearly as expensive as they once were (like Jacko’s “Scream”–dear god!).

For example Bat for Lashes’ “Pearl’s Dream”….

is quite similar to Kate Bush’s “The Sensual World”

Dramatic swaying, otherworldly fairy-tale setting, lady howling…Kate needs a pair of wings like Natasha though.

Going onto to Pitchfork video I found an Abe Vigoda that takes place on a hot desert road…

Smashing Pumpkins much?

Sadly Abe Vigoda has no young and androgynous James Iha…or wild fluorescent paint, or making out couple, or an ice cream truck, for that matter.


Now I didn’t even know that Crystal Stilts made a video, but they did–for Love is a Wave (released in UK and EU so far)

And although I really, really like Crystal Stilts (I’ve posted about them more than once), this video could have been made by a film student in the 70s. I guess that’s the aesthetic they were going for but The Smiths did the whole let’s not put the band in our video but use weird outdated footage video thing much better:

Panic! I remember seeing this on 120 Minutes in the very early 90s….yes!

There is one video recently that has been blogged/tweeted/talked about in real life that really does stand out and feels utterly original. It also scares the shit out of me! Oh and it’s for possibly the second best song of the year so far, too (second only to “My Girls” by Animal Collective).

“Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear

Ed Drost, I do love you. And nice work director Patrick Daughters.

Oh yeah and here’s a shameless plug to my buddies O’death who have made a wonderful video for their song “Low Tide” starring violinst Bob Pycior, one of the raddest dudes in the world. Directed by Benjamin Zeitlin.


Friday? Nomi Day!

Klaus Nomi Day!

Interview with Klaus in 1982

Truly awesome “Falling in Love Again” video (backup dancers are very Vanity 6!)

Video for Simple Man

Lightening Strikes video

Spring Mix! Not the Salad…Music!


Hey Readers!

I have been super busy leaving my current job (goodbye antiquated book publishing and mean girls who wear too many headbands) and prepping for my new one (hello new media and friendly people!) so I’ve terribly neglectful of the blog. I’ve been twittering away (technically it’s “tweeting,” but that sounds like something dirty, yes?) and curating a post for a new great blog/music share my pals have created (Yahplay), not to mention tracking “the flu formerly called Swine” at least until it began to bore even my Hot  Zone obsessed self. Oh yes, and taking pictures of the beautiful spring and of high art and such…and…well, fuck it, I’ll admit it, I’ve been anxiously awaiting new news on the scandal, arrest, and now campaign to free the Hipster Grifter!

Anyhoo, I’m going to post some videos of Klaus Nomi soon, I promise, as he’s my new obsession–but for now a great spring mix I’ve made.

Another Day    Galaxie 500

Sixteen,Fifteen,Fourteen    Pj Harvey & John Parish

Red Oak Way    Lotus Plaza

Fools    The Dodos

False Horizon    Grouper

Kangaroo (Big Star Cover)    Bat For Lashes

Two Weeks    Grizzly Bear

Banana Slugs/Cosmonaut       High Places

Dance. Dance. Dance.   Lykke Li

Island    The Whitest Boy Alive

Build Voice    Dan Deacon

Spring Hall Convert [Platts Eyott Session]    Deerhunter

Download me!

**not for sale, just fun…no copyright stuff, k?

Guy Maddin’s Faerie Tales…


Last night I saw wonderful weirdo/experimental filmmaker/Canadian extraordinaire Guy Maddin present some of his favorite films in an intimate screening at IFC theater. This made me think back my introduction to Maddin with his 1997 bizarro fantasy Twilight of the Ice Nymphs, which showed up one afternoon on Bravo in the late 90s (remember when Bravo used to be like a real arts channel with cool indie films and such?). My dad and I watched it and we were mesmerized.

Now looking back on those fantasy films he made early in his career, it makes me think of Lynch if he worked with Shelly Duvall on her Faerie Tale Theatre.  Anyhow…

Dear Guy Maddin,

Thank you for being such a  wack job.

from Careful

from his feature The Saddest Music in the World



And as for those Faerie Tales…here’s a clip from Duvall’s The Snow Queen” with Lauren Hutten, nonetheless…god, no wonder I turned out this way…do 5 year olds still watch this kind of thing?

Twitter explodes; I can’t stop reading Martha’s updates…


So the Myspace blog was the the new Live Journal. Then Myspace became every bad band’s music center. Then we started blogging ourselves via Blogspot, Tumblr, my own beloved WordPress–thus avoiding daily updates from Megadeath tribute bands. And then we all stopped blogging because we were too into spying on exes via  Facebook. Now what? Twitter! What’s Twitter? A business model, says The New York Times. A study in narcissism says this kind of dumb but sadly true little video: Twitter Explained In 267 Seconds (CLIP)(Posted using ShareThis).

I realize how ridiculous posting 5 times a day about your pilates class or the travails of your delayed flight or what reality tv show you are watching or if your cat threw up all night. Still, stimulation rules over reason: I’m addicted. Why? Well, I’m not so obsessed with my own bragging, ahem, twitting but I am completely captivated by reading other people’s updates–like, say, Mika complaining about Joe Scarborough, or getting David Lynch’s weather report, or my gay-boy love crush Ed Droste (from Grizzly Bear) talk about his favorite bands and his garden. My absolute OBSESSION is reading Martha Stewart’s twitter. Some gems include:

today we celebrated bunnies on the show-lop eared,dutch,lion’s head and others- they are so cute,trainable and make good pets

last night saw god of carnage and felt so bad that since i got divorced have not had such a good argument with spouse and friends!

i honestly do not know how to reply to individuals on twitter and i actually don’t have that much time even though i would like to

off to dinner with valentino and a showing of his documentary- valentino the last emperor


lunch with ludcris was great fun- just charming- he is in town preparing for tomorrow on jimmy fallon- he loved lunch-esp choc cake

Phew! Glad that went well. Martha likes chicken and beer too!

(PS: to really learn the ins and outs of Twitter, try this great blog post on The Lost Art of Blogging . It’s also where I stole that golden pic above, which is from Nathan on Flickr.)

March Madness Mix!

pic_batforlashesHey hey hey! Tomorrow I head to SoCal for my one year anniversary (holy moly), sunlight, and tons of Mexican food and animals. But before I leave a March Madness Mix of new music for you! It has nothing to do with basketball. Mix takes from the new Bat For Lashes (just can’t stop gushing over the Kate Bush/Stevie Nicks revivalism in this); the haunting debut from Fever Ray (essentially new The Knife album); the new Black Lips (more channeling of early Rolling Stones), new Grizzly Bear (growing on me); the new Juan Maclaen (a bit disappointing but some great tracks); interesting recent release from Tefelon Tel Aviv; the new Whitest Boy Alive (finally!); and Gui Burrato’s latest (pitch perfect mood techno).

Daniel    Bat For Lashes
Body Combat    Black Lips
Triangle Walks    Fever Ray
While You Wait for the Others    Grizzly Bear
Eggplant    Gui Boratto
One Pure Thought (Geese Remix)    Hot Chip        With Robert Wyatt And Geese
One Day    The Juan MacLean        The Future Will Come
Mostly Translucent    Telefon Tel Aviv
High On The Heels    The Whitest Boy Alive


Disclaimer: Music for enjoyment only. Up for a week only. Buy the albums! No harm to record sales, promise!

Good Stuff=Good March?

Hmm, we’ll see about March. Right now it’s 16 degrees so I’m not feeling that spring is soon vibe. However, new good things in 09 are here!

1. Built by Wendy sample sale ONLINE


30 bucks!

2. My manfriend’s wry wit on In The Wheelhouse’s podcast (he’s a special guest)

3. Kate Bush revivalism via Bat For Lashes’s new album Two Sons

4. Salon’s sort of sick but also very useful new blog The Brand Graveyard. Keep up with companies going out of business in a tidy way since there are many nowadays it is really hard to keep track.

5. Flight of the Concords+Gondry equals magic!

6. Leanne Sharpton’s bizarrly engaging biography of a bad relationship through shared objects: Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry

7. Michelle Obama’s arm muscles on the cover of People this week

8. Carrie Brownstein and friends talk about love songs on NPR and suggest some Another Green World-era Eno–my secret is out!

9. Netflix Instant’s huge collection of BBC period pieces

10. Louis Garrel at BAM…as directed by Papa Garrell!

New March Madness (not basketball, literal madness!) music mix up soon, I promise!