Music as Memoir, Duh….Mixtape Nostalgia

Woah, people hold on biographical attachment to their favorite music?

(“And in the coming seasons, we can look to books by Talking Heads’ David Byrne, who records his impressions while biking through 10 cities around the world, and by musician and producer Brian Eno, who is writing about art in the tentatively titled 44 Minutes: A Big Theory about Culture.”–HOLY FUCK!)

The mixtape a gesture of love? (Serioulsy, go to this site, mixtape.exopolis, as it is so very wonderful…kitsch, Manu Chau, a little boy and groovy Flash action, etc…and you can send it to all you love!)


Some art from someone who gave me really good mix cds….

Speaking of old school shit like mix tapes and stuff, I realized, when revisiting my book collection, that one single book, put out in 1996 and now worth all of 66 cents used from, probably taught me more about music than anything else. Except for maybe those mix tapes that a creepy but very nice 35-year-old who managed my local video store used to make me when I was 16.


The irony of this is that most of the writers in here are now book critics.  

And I love you all, my dear readers:

Eurotrash Girl: Chicks on Speed …German art ladies who were making capes before Air was wearing them and making fun of hipsters when James Murphy was only dreaming of being LCD
Slip Inside This House: The 13th Floor Elevators …years ago, Primal Scream’s version of this (which I heard first in the terrible Ethen Hawke adaptation of Hamlet which rethought the dire Dane into an NYU film major) was one of my mix-cd/mix tape staples. Then I heard the original. Like Modernism and Post-Modernism. Um, or not. Trippy-ass song, though.
Mannequin: Wire …Mannequin was also a great movie with Andrew McCarthy and if the filmmakers had been truly as rad as we are, they would have put this song into it.
Anything You Want: Spoonlast weekend I was in a cab with a crew and a music fight was gonna ensue, we could feel it (dance music lover versus dance music skeptic). Then Spoon came on the radio and everything was all good again. ‘Cause, I mean everyone likes Spoon, dude. This song is so sweet too.
Nietzsche: The Dandy Warhols….All this talk about Spirtualized lately makes me want to really re-visit psych-1996 style and listen to the Dandy Warhols. Americans never did this sound as well as the Brits, but Songs from Urban Bohemia is a good if guilty pleasure album.
Venus in Furs: Devotchka (VU cover)…so this is why Devotcka tickets are so expensive!
Wawa: Lizzy Mercier  A wawa is a bird. A WaWa is the best crap food/24-hour store in the ENTIRE world. Props to my girl Claire, Wawa’s biggest fan (and possibly best looking patron), who also once told me to lick Brett Daniels from Spoon via text after I told her I saw him at a free show at South Street Seaport (see above).
Felt tip:Love is all  Really, isn’t love all, people?


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